Project Description

Brock Creek Bank Stabilization Project

Name & Location – Oklahoma City, OK

Short Description:

Brock Creek, a tributary to the Oklahoma River, conveys flow from a fully developed section of the City of Oklahoma City through the downtown area of the city.  It parallels a railroad alignment and travels under roadway and pedestrian bridges before its confluence with the Oklahoma River near the downtown area of the city.  The degradation of the creek banks had negative impacts on bridges and railroad structure.  As a part of Olsson’s team, Hydraulic modeling and stability analysis was performed and recommendations for the stabilization of the creek banks between the Western Bridge to the creek’s confluence with the Oklahoma River were provided.  The goal of providing an economical option that will stabilize the banks and reduces sediment and nutrient discharge into the downstream river was achieved by using earth filed boxes, turf mats and natural vegetation.

Following services for this project were provided:

  • Stability Analysis
  • Construction Plan Production
  • Utility Coordination
  • Bidding Services Assistance
  • Construction Assistance
  • Permitting