Project Description

Nasa Langley Research Center Campus Drainage Improvement Project

Name & Location – Hampton, Virginia

Short Description:

This project aimed at improvement of drainage system for NASA Langley Research Center Campus in Hampton, Virginia.  The project’s goal was to improve the campus status to LEED Gold while improving the local flooding and to minimize impact to everyday routine of the campus patrons.  The site is located in the Chesapeake Bay with tremendous sensitivity to quality of the discharged stormwater.

The work began with a complete modeling and mapping of the campus using SWMM and GIS tools.  The information was then used to evaluate available LID and GI features to evaluate their impacts in flood reduction in the area.  Recommendations included the use of exfiltration trenches, creation of rain gardens and construction of bioretention cells.  The construction would have minimal impact on the campus daily function and would improve the status of the campus to LEED Gold by its improvement to several of the existing buildings.